During the COVID-19 pandemic, Humboldt County, Del Norte County and United Indian Health Services (UIHS) formed the North Coast Testing Partnership (NCTP). The Partnership’s purpose is to help meet the COVID-19 testing needs for the region. NCTP will provide high quality, fast, and FREE COVID-19 testing to protect the health of our community.  The focus of NCTP is to give our historically underserved communities more access to testing.

The lab equipment is funded by a contract with the State of California and PerkinElmer. This corporation focuses on medical diagnostics. The contract ensures that we have high quality equipment and enough reagents. It also allows us to have local control of the testing process. With a faster turnaround time, we can begin case investigations more quickly. NCTP can provide thousands of tests per month and will be free of charge to residents. Humboldt State University has also helped by donating equipment to the COVID-19 lab space at UIHS.

The North Coast Testing Partnership shows our commitment to serving local residents and members. Together, we can support the health of our entire region and help our economy and schools to reopen more safely.